Thursday, May 14, 2009

Link Up

The link for this week is Food Storage Made Easy.

This is one of my FAVORITE sites.   It is a lot of fun to explore.  They have TONS of ideas and resources.

Need help getting started?  You can find it here.
Need recipes and recipe books?  They have that too.
Want to learn how to grind wheat?
Help, tools, product info.... the list goes on.

One of the greatest tools that they offer is the checklist program.
Simply sign up for their e-mail list, and they start sending you checklists.  The idea is that at the end of 1 YEAR, you will have compiled your 72 hour kits, water storage, 3 month supply of regular food, and your entire one year long term supply, AND essential non-food items.  WOW!  Wouldn't that be a great blessing?

They have several sister sites.  Everyday Food Storage will teach you how to actually COOK with your food storage, and Food Storage Shopper that helps find the best deals and spend your money wisely.  

Check them out, I know you'll find them useful.

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