Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Storage Containers - Deadline April 29th

We have the opportunity to order plastic containers at a great price! These plastic containers are the same size (with different) dimensions as the #10 cans we use from the cannery. They are a great alternative to storing your cans on your shelf in your pantry or kitchen shelf after opening your food storage. Take a look at these and let me know if you would like to order.

Click here for the link.

This style storage container comes in 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon sizes.

The price for 1 gallon is $1.76 + shipping
The price for 1/2 gallon is $1.43 + shipping
The price for metal lid is $.91 + shipping

Shipping price is based on weight, not size, so should be minimal.

Deadline for this order is April 29th.

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