Thursday, April 16, 2009

Link Up

So.....every Thursday I'll be posting a great link for preparedness websites and blogs.  There are a ton out there, and lots of great information, if you know where to find it.  We will also have these links on the blog permanently by posting them on the sidebar under Link Ups.

This week I am highlighting iPrepared  who just did a great feature on storing food in buckets.  They have information on the best storage options for buckets as well as sealing your own with dry ice!  Check it out!

Also, their post for today is on Labeling your food storage.  This can be a pain, but they have some good suggestions.

Another super cool thing about iPrepared is that they have ongoing goals posted on the sidebar of their blog.  If you are at all confused about where to start with your storage (like me) then this can be an invaluable help.  Some others that have ongoing goals are Safely Gathered In and Food Storage Made Easy.  


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